Dining • Retreat packages include breakfast and come with several options for meal plans and programs for lunch and dinner. Keep in mind that lodging rates also include meeting refreshments such as water, coffee, sodas, fresh baked treats, snacks.

For lunch and dinner we offer three basic retreat meal plans with our basic retreat package but we can custom design any meal plan you might require. Don’t let the word basic lead you to believe we are talking humdrum. The package meal plan prices below include all beverages except alcoholic beverages.
• Lunch at Over Yonder, per meal/per person • $17.50
• Country Dinner at Simplicity at The Mast Farm Inn, per meal/per person • $30.00
• Gourmet Dinner at Simplicity at The Mast Farm Inn, per meal/per person • $50.00

Customized • Whether for the basic plans above, or the “Baby, You’re a Rich Man” approach below, the food you offer will be customized to reflect the character of your retreat, objectives, and budget. Even for the basic plans you get to choose the menus for a wide range of options. What we mean by that for example is that we can do an “Organic Vegan Detox Menu Program” or an “BBQ Steak, Potato & Bacon Menu Program”, at levels from basic at 17.50 per person, to the How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?level at $175.00 per person.

Even if for a mid-day picnic, dining can help define the retreat, and make it more memorable. In all cases though, you design and choose the menu items within any menu program. For example if you have a retreat with 28 people, which includes a keynote speaker, magician, live music, lots of social time and wine, destined to last late into the evening, you will need to keep the meals light and inexpensive, so your budget and participants do not keel over. The food will still be important but not a main event. On the other hand if it is an relatively intimate group of 4, the food and wine will need to be as spectacular & memorable as possible, as it will be a big part of the experience. We can help you sort those types of things out and make the best decision for your design.

"Baby, You're a Rich Man"
“Baby, You’re a Rich Man” • While we can design a basic “keep it simple” meal plan to match your budget and package, don’t let the word basic above lead you to believe we are talking humdrum. We do not speak humdrum. But If you want a meal program that is “How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?”, while remaining country frugal…

On the menu pages for Simplicity & Over Yonder you will find a sampling of the types of meals we can and have served for specials events and catering. These can be served in sit-down dinner fashion or as a buffet. Keep in mind that we are quite ready, willing and able to design a specific menu to include what you want based on your budget and specifications, and that is generally what we do for special and group events. The menus here and here are more to show the nature of our culinary portfolio. Click Here to view some of the fine-dining catering options from Simplicity at The Mast Farm Inn. Click Here to view some of the casual-dining catering options from Over Yonder.

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Retreats & Workshops, NC, North Carolina, Country Inn, Blue Ridge
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