Getting Organized

Getting Organized

Getting Organized • Converting your retreat into advances. Two, three or four day retreats for groups of 4 to 28. Highly affordable set-price rates as low as $149 per participant include all lodging, dining, meeting spaces, and all non-alcoholic refreshments such as coffee, water, sodas, juice, as well as fresh baked treats and snacks.

The fastest and easiest way to get organized, and to get the ball rolling closer to the goal is to get a provisional quote using this checklist. Doing so does not commit you to anything, and we do not stalk, badger or hard sell. But you can use the checklist form below to think through the process, see if we qualify, and are a good potential fit. Once we have received your checklist, we will send you an email or give you a call to answer any questions you may have. And afterwards you can continue to view the website, as in all likelihood many questions you would have are addressed here elsewhere. We can direct your attention to those detailed pages later, But first, let’s check if we are a fit.

Getting Organized
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We are very pleased to invite you to visit and overnight FREE in one of rooms, cottage or cabins. This so you might see for yourself if the Mast Farm Inn suits your needs, and give you a head start. Nothing beats proper prep! Of course there’s a catch. The Catch: This pretty stupendous special offer is only available for retreat and workshop organizers planning retreats which will include a minimum of 7 participants lodging at the Inn, in a minimum of seven rooms, cottages or cabins, for a minimum of two nights during your retreat. Not much of a catch really. The Process: When you reserve we will bill you half the standard rate for lodging. If you end up deciding not to book your retreat at that time, or later, we will keep that non-refundable half-rate payment. If you do end up booking your retreat during your visit, or within 3 months of your visit, for a retreat to take place within 6 months of your visit, we will refund you the half rate you had paid, or consider it part of the retreat deposit, your choice. Sound Fair?
Retreats can take place any time throughout the year. The retreat packages presented here are for 2, 3 or 4 night stay retreats which meet the following profile. They take place for check-ins at the earliest on Sundays at 3:00PM, and the latest check-outs on Thursdays at 11:00AM. These packages are not available the months of July, October, November & December, nor within 5 days of a national holidays such as The 4th of July, or social holidays such Mother’s Day.
A participant is considered on person participating in all lodging, dining, and any group meetings. Lodging is priced as single occupancy with each participant having their private room, cottage or cabin, private bath, and includes a country gourmet breakfast for one. Rates include meeting refreshments such as water, sodas, coffee, fresh baked treats, and snacks.
• Participants can share a room with their spouse, significant other, their children or friends, who are not themselves participants, and an extra charge applies for these extra breakfasts, housekeeping and amenities for extra non-participant guests sharing the same room. • $40 per night for guests 13 and older, $25 per night for children under 12. • Participants can share a room with other participants, and an extra charge applies for these extra food and beverage meeting items, breakfasts, housekeeping and amenities for extra participants sharing the same room. • $89 per night for extra participant sharing the same room.
Lodging rates include refreshments such as water, sodas, fresh baked treats, and snacks, and breakfast for one is included. We offer three meal plans, and extra breakfasts for extra guests or children in same room. Meal plan prices below include all beverages except alcoholic beverages. • Lunch at Over Yonder, per meal/per person • $17.50 • Country Dinner at Simplicity at The Mast Farm Inn, per meal/per person • $30.00 • Gourmet Dinner at Simplicity at The Mast Farm Inn, per meal/per person • $50.00
Lunch at Over Yonder, per meal/per person • $17.50
Country Dinner at Simplicity at The Mast Farm Inn, per meal/per person • $30.00
Gourmet Dinner at Simplicity at The Mast Farm Inn, per meal/per person • $50.00
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Award-winning Historic Hotels of America® boutique hotel, and Select Registry® country inn, specializing in historic lodging, weddings, elopements, honeymoons, retreats and workshops, in Historic Valle Crucis, North Carolina. The Mast Farm Inn is on the National Register of Historic Places, as is the entire historic district of Valle Crucis in which it is located; a world-renowned rural mountain village, in the western North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway and Blue Ridge National Heritage Area.
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