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The Proverbial Fine Print on Lodging Rates and Inn Policies

The Proverbial Fine Print on Lodging Rates and Inn Policies, Presented in Big Print with a tip of the hat to Norman Rockwell and The Saturday Evening Post

Retreat & Workshop Specific Conditions & Terms
Retreat & Workshop Specific Conditions & Terms

Trying to keep it simple!

Deposits & Payment Schedule • 33% at the time of reservation, 33% at check-in, and balance at check-out. While we manage and coordinate other third party providers on your behalf they will have their own deposit, payment and cancelation requirements.
Cancelations • $100 service charge if cancelled 45 days or more before scheduled date of retreat. You forfeit the equivalent of the planning, setup & coordination fee if cancelled between 44 days and 21 days before the scheduled date. You will pay the full payment on the setup & lodging portion of the entire retreat bill if cancelled less than 21 days before the scheduled date, as well as any third party obligations we may have incurred on your behalf such as for music, or special order items or activities. We will reimburse you afterwards for what rooms we manage to book in that time frame you had blocked off. We highly recommend Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance, or Event Cancellation Insurance, so partial or complete cancelations do not become a financial burden for your group. Such insurance is very reasonably priced and can avoid you significant losses. Click Here for more information on event insurance.
Gratuities • As services and meals occur over multiple days, at several events and times with numerous staff, we add a 15-20% gratuity to the entire bill based on your choice within that range so you do not have to attend to individual tipping.
Taxes • The North Carolina state sales tax rate is currently 4.75%, Watauga County Sales Tax is currently at 2.00%, and the Watauga County Room Occupancy Tax is currently at 6%. The lodging component of your bill will therefore be taxed at 12.75%, and the other components at 6.75%. These rate are current at the time of the publication of this page but may vary.
Special Dietary Requests • Sometimes for individual diners we can do for free with simple modifications, but in planned group catering type situations with special pricing and lots of folks we cannot. As such, food allergy, special seasoning, substitutions, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options, or just plain old finicky eater substitutions, available at a 25% special diet request surcharge.
Food & Beverage • As a rule, all meals and beverages need to be provided and served by the Inn. You cannot bring in outside food or beverages without our express authorization and in most cases we are glad to make an exception. This assures however we meet all quality, food and health department, safety requirements, and the alcohol service requirements for a public hospitality enterprise managing group special events.
Important Note • We may waive, reduce or raise individual components and fees depending on your specific plan. Please note that all pricing on this website is indicative and informative and not an official proposed price or quote. Days, times, seasons, the context and configuration of your retreat or workshop and the price and requirements for same can shift up or down considerably. You will receive an official quote from our retreats & workshops manager. All retreats & workshops taking place at the Inn require a special event contract no matter how simple, and require the advance notice to, and authorization of our retreats manager. Sites and locations are not available as stand alone rentals for self-produced retreats. We cannot authorize self-produced and self-serviced retreats and workshops on the estate. Among many of the sound reasons, there are legal, fire marshal, food safety and service, alcoholic beverage service, and insurance prescriptions and constraints involved in operating an Inn vs. simply renting a stand alone cabin or detached home. Each room cottage and cabin has its own legal occupancy limits, and we have a global occupancy limit. The same holds true for locations and sites on the estate. We are on The National Register of Historic Places, and obviously quite averse to damage to property or furnishings, and as part of Historic Hotels of America and Select Registry we uphold high standards. Other risks include your retreat or workshop group spilling out into unreserved common areas of the Inn, Estate and Grounds and creating what other guests might sense or experience as a disturbance. If you want a 100% self-produced retreat, we recommend you rent a private owner cabin, cottage or home and we would be happy to help you with dining or catering.

General Conditions & Terms
General Conditions & Terms

Nothing is ever simple!

Taxes • Rates are subject to applicable taxes and to change without notice. Other than tax which might change between your time of reservation and your arrival, The rate quoted to you when your reservation is confirmed with our staff by email will be the rate honored.
Children • Children of all ages are welcome in our eight cottages. Our seven farmhouse rooms are reserved for adults and children 12 and over.
Pets • Sorry No Pets. While we have many dogs & cats, a horse, donkey, goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits & bee hives, it’s not about us, it’s about respecting guests which coincide with or follow your visit, many of whom may have legitimate medical reasons for needing a pet free environment indoors.
Availability • Please keep in mind that availability as displayed online is not 100% real time due to processing and update times. As such what is presented as availability on this website may or may not be 100% accurate when you are viewing the page. Reservations may already be in the works and confirmed by phone but not processed on the system which updates the site. Some computer processes are run overnight, others several times a day. The most current availability for each option below is always available by calling reservations at 828-963-5857.
Check-In & Check-out • Check-in is from 3:00pm to 7:00pm; check-out is between 8:00 am to 11:00am. Please make prior arrangements if travel plans necessitate other times.
Accessibility • One of our new cottages, the Gazebo Cottage, is wheelchair accessible. We are in a rural environment with varied terrain in a natural setting, with open outdoor space between our buildings. As such we are more challenging for folks who have difficulty walking or who are wheelchair bound.
Dining • We feature fresh, mostly organic, creative farm-to-table cuisine.
Alcohol • The Mast Farm Inn, Simplicity at The Mast Farm Inn, and Over Yonder, have full Spirits, Beer, Wine, Mixed Beverage ABC licenses and feature full service bars to guests and for special events. A wide selection of Spirits, Cocktails, Wine and Beer are available.
Smoking • Without being judgmental, our inn and dining rooms are 100% smoke-free, including outside dining areas on the porch of the main house and terrace. You may smoke on the property in numerous designated outdoor areas throughout the estate, all of which are open-air and some of which are covered.
Occupancy Limits • Each room, cottage and cabin has specific occupancy limits. Occupancy limits have logical, legal, fire code, and insurance implications, ramifications & constraints. For important information about occupancy limits for each Room, Cottage & Cabin please ask the Front Deck or click here to see the chart.

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Retreats & Workshops, NC, North Carolina, Country Inn, Blue Ridge
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